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WTF 3 years ago
I really don't see just how funny this is to most men? As a guy myself I don't find it funny at all, that they hurt these women. Special the 1st on, him shouting medic. These women can get anal tears, which is not funny you sick fucks.
1:09 5 years ago
1:09 typical rape-ape hilarious video
UbaTuba 5 years ago
Most of these aint mistakes, they be anal rape.
Matt 5 years ago
Seriously, the cartoony music is the worst.. Knock that shit off..
Jimbone 5 years ago
The music and cut titles suck. Never do that.
Lilpuppet 5 years ago
The first one is loni
Anonymous 1 year ago
oH wOoW soO fUnnY... the first one didnt even care that they hurt her wtf. Some People have more dick in their personality than in their pants.
NINA 6 years ago
wtf is that click sound?
omgg 6 years ago
The girl at the end she's sexy as fuck!
faiq 5 years ago
What the names of the fucking captains do not recognize